• Make & Matter is a graphic design company based out of Austin. We are passionate about all things design and work with people to transform ideas into tangible graphics and identifiable brands. We think design must be clear & strategic, yet emotional & human. We strive to build brands that deliver just that.

  • We believe design is best when it is simple, honest and human. We think we know just how to do that. We work with heart; with coffee; with kindness; with ambition; with purpose; with integrity; with a nose to the grindstone get-it-done attitude; with people. We aim to crush expectations. Both yours and ours. We strive to create brands that turn heads, evoke emotions and connect with people on a forever kind of level. We respect corporations with vision & small startups who are going for it. We want to help you build something incredible.

    Make & Matter was founded on a simple philosophy - to make (aka ‘design’) and to matter (to our clients and their success). We handle all things design - from logos to brochures; from packaging to websites and everything in between.
    Our work has won awards and been published in books, magazines & design annuals. But we are most proud to have a list of happy clients and a simple notion that our work has helped them succeed.
    + TRINA BENTLEY, founder
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